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Fucking padlock
Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock

Licky Lex + Luca Bella - Fucking padlock 85%

Date: May 27, 2016 Length: 10:24

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition - torture

Models: Licky Lex + Luca Bella

Luca's jeans are locked and she is clearly looking forward to peeing while her colleague is making fun of her. After a while she allows Luca to pee just a little bit - just like we always do. We love torturing! After a few more minutes Luca is allowed to make another puddle - and then she has to stop again. What can be worse than dying to pee and then being allowed to pee just a few mililiters? I know. Watching her friend pee in front of her makes the overall situation even worse...
Customer comments on this video:
Visceroid: I am curious why there are any cuts at all in this video, since is in a more private setting. Luca was not cheating this time and was much better. [February 22, 2018]
Bladder bulge
Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge

Chrissy Fox - Bladder bulge 87%

Date: October 02, 2015 Length: 31:06

Tags: wetting - pissing - jeans - competition - torture

Models: Chrissy Fox

No need to say much about this video, this is part of our torture series. Chrissy is told to hold her pee for thirty minutes but as she's becoming more and more desperate and her jeans show first pee stains the cameraman allows her to pee short spurs in regular intervals. So we get to see a couple of minor peeing and wetting scenes before she is allowed to release the whole content of her bladder in the grand finale.
Customer comments on this video:
Cthulu: One of the best videos i've ever seen! Everything is awesome! Ony thing you could do is more straight pussy shots- but besides this- best ending etc.! [October 04, 2015]
fitschi: Again a perfect desperation video! Thank you so much Chrissy and the man behind the camera! [October 06, 2015]
Ironman250: Chrissy is amaizing! this is a fantastic and sexy video...more with her please [April 01, 2016]
d-nikv: Chrissy is so hot, when she relase her urgent need [September 09, 2017]
Like a man 2
Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2

Violeta - Like a man 2 90%

Date: May 16, 2016 Length: 11:37

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - cleaning - competition

Models: Violeta

Some time ago we asked Naomi to try to piss like a man (with her pants only slightly down) into a sink. She succeeded only partially and most of her pee ended up in her pants. This video has become very popular among our members so this time we hired Violeta and gave her the same task. Will she be able to aim properly or will she totally soak her pants? Watch this video to find out!
Customer comments on this video:
condomy: like a man !!! please more [May 24, 2016]
Prague public transport
Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport

Foxy Sanie - Prague public transport 86%

Date: September 12, 2016 Length: 31:49

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - travelling

Models: Foxy Sanie

We did this with Caroline last week and we're doing this with another girl today. Desperation in public transport seems to be popular so we sent Foxy Sanie to a place located far from the starting point (we sent our assistant with her while the main cameraman was waiting at the finish line). And that is where the keys to the lock of her jeans should be. Will she make it to the finish? Or is her bladder too full to survive this long trip?
Customer comments on this video:
Cthulu: Awesome! It would be maybeperfect without the lock and they have just to hold it literally as long as they can and strip everything in the last second [September 12, 2016]
Cthulu: And why not making the cameragirl desperate as well? so that she is motivated to find it as quick as possible as well^^ But best video so far! Holy... [September 12, 2016]
tcbnorge: Loved this concept. Only thing that would have made this better if she accidentally lost some control on the last trip. But superb video.. [September 12, 2016]
falcon: Excellent video! Beautiful and brave girl. She should try again for twice the reward! 2 beers this time! [September 13, 2016]
justme: opps...posted comment in wrong video...meant to be here... [September 13, 2016]
desp_fan: Another excellent video, keep up the good wok and continue with this format. [September 13, 2016]
desplover: For us desplover a fantastic video. In particular, the shame and the embarrassment so appealing to the public making the film. We would like to see mo [September 14, 2016]
falcon: I need to comment again. It is a superb video as I said above. also I now realize what a great job the camera girl did capturing it all! Excellent!!! [September 14, 2016]
garthm: Best video on this site, the desperation is amazing to watch. More like this please. [September 18, 2016]
hellraiser: so far I hope we will see this challenge with Naomi or Dee . [September 19, 2016]
Cthulu: I made a survey for this format: [October 11, 2016]
fischer666: The duration of this Trips should be in realtime and not cut! AWSOM!!! [October 20, 2017]
Visceroid: I agree there are too many cuts! During the best parts, where she is very close to losing control. Do you cut out when she leaks? [February 23, 2018]
Strong stream
Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream

Naomi - Strong stream 90%

Date: April 08, 2016 Length: 12:58

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition

Models: Naomi

We're back at the spot where we had shot so many successful videos of this kind. Once again the model is very desperate to pee but we're teasing her with several tasks - and after each of them she is allowed to pee a little. The tasks include untying shoelaces and tying them again, jumping, staying in an uncomfortable position or squatting. And Naomi is the queen of desperation and strong streams! Whenever she's allowed to release a bit of pee we get a huge stream shooting backwards from her pussy! Most of it ended up in her jeans, though...
Customer comments on this video:
mousecat: Hey, look at that stream ! And that butt ! I love her ! [April 11, 2016]
arch313: OMFG Naomi out does herself great video and you can see she is having fun while being very desperate. [April 13, 2016]
falcon: That was perfect! [April 14, 2016]
cammie: An all time great- Naomi just the best. Can we have Naomi black nylons, shor black skirt, drinking & desperate, cant go at all till she pees herself? [July 09, 2016]
Wrong way
Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way

Lucia Denville - Wrong way 93%

Date: March 20, 2017 Length: 31:10

Tags: wetting - pissing - jeans - desperation - travelling - competition

Models: Lucia Denville

I have a feeling our "searching for the key" trips are too long and difficult for the girls because our cameraman often arrives too late when the model is already wet :-) This wasn't his fault, though - the girls got lost! Our capital is quite a large city and the girls simply got lost and our cameraman finally found them when Lucia's jeans were already soaked with piss. Thank god our assistant has her own camera! Maybe we should make the trips easier... or maybe not? :-)
Customer comments on this video:
hellraiser: omg she was so close to have an accident on the tram! That's would have be magic hehe [March 21, 2017]
desp-fan2016: These videos just keep getting better and better, best desperation possible due to the public aspect of the scene. Keep it up! [March 21, 2017]
wettdrm: This is a great video! These type of videos are my favorite!!! [March 21, 2017]
desp1999: Fantastic clip! Easily one of the best on the site. [March 24, 2017]
Visceroid: Absolute do NOT make this easier! We want to see someone have an accident in public on the transit! [February 23, 2018]
Coming out
Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out

Naomi + Vanda - Coming out 88%

Date: December 04, 2015 Length: 08:42

Tags: wetting - desperation - lesbian - jeans

Models: Naomi + Vanda

Naomi and Vanda are lesbians - but Vanda's father doesn't know about it. Naomi stayed in Vanda's flat last night and now the girls woke up and Naomi is about to release her morning pee in the bathroom. Suddenly Vanda's father phones her and asks Vanda to open the front door because he just arrived for a surprise visit! Vanda hurries to the bathroom and tries to hide Naomi in the closet. Naomi fights with her bladder for some time but then loses the battle and pisses her jeans. Normally this wouldn't be a disaster but the puddle of pee leaks to the hall and Vanda's father can't overlook it when he walks past to put his shoes on...
Customer comments on this video:
tommmmi: noami is so awesome, more piss vids with her tits out plz [December 05, 2015]
GGHendrix: Naomi is the best! hope to see a bedwetting video of her soon :) [January 04, 2016]
Five circles
Five circles Five circles Five circles Five circles Five circles Five circles

Annie - Five circles 86%

Date: February 03, 2016 Length: 05:42

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans - pissing

Models: Annie

Similar challenge to what Morgan did last week. There are five red circles and Annie must piss on each of them to get a reward. As opposed to the challenge with Morgan this time Annie is not supposed to wet her jeans but she's asked to piss like a man - standing up with her jeans just very slightly pulled down. Just like we men pull out our cocks Annie is advised to pull our her pussy lips and piss. She does quite a good job of aiming at the circles on the ground but she's really bad in shooting the stream directly; most of it ends up in her jeans!
Too many puzzle pieces
Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces

Naomi - Too many puzzle pieces 90%

Date: December 07, 2015 Length: 22:50

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans

Models: Naomi

Another puzzle game. Putting together 100 pieces of a puzzle sounds like quite an easy task but Naomi is under time pressure, she has to solve this thing before her bladder muscles fail. And as if that wasn't difficult enough there are several glasses of water nearby for her to drink - to make her torture even more intensive. After a couple of minor leaks (which Naomi comments on with laughter) she suddenly freezes, stands up and a huge lake forms below her. And the puzzle was finished hardly from one half...
Customer comments on this video:
desp1999: Fantastic desperation! Love that she tried to hang on - so realistic! [December 07, 2015]
wetnatalee: Love the way her jeans get totally soaked and glistening with her pee. So hot! Would have loved to see her wetfrom behind, with legs tight together! [December 10, 2015]
desp_fan: Another fine video, with a most impressive flood in the end. [December 10, 2015]
falcon: Excellent! True and fun desperation, real wetting, the best kind! [December 11, 2015]
david83: Very nice desperation video. Great work. ★★★★★ [December 13, 2015]
Chanlar: This is possibly the best video I've ever seen! So real and such an exciting game. Perfect! [May 13, 2016]
wetbandit: A sexy magic lady. [September 26, 2016]
carpetpiss: perfect, as usual, Naomi is THE best but that's clear.. :) [October 09, 2016]
Too shy to pee
Too shy to pee Too shy to pee Too shy to pee Too shy to pee Too shy to pee Too shy to pee

Licky Lex - Too shy to pee 87%

Date: September 16, 2016 Length: 18:22

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans

Models: Licky Lex

Lex just had a coffee with her friend but then finds out there are no toilets available for these pick'n'go types of coffeehouses. At first she's calm and searching for a restaurant with a toilet but after a while she becomes really desperate and starts considering squatting basically anywhere between two cars or in a bush in the park. But she's too shy to do that so she boldly claims she can hold it, no matter how her friend warns her about the traffic jams. And of course, the inevitable happens - the driver is forced to stop at the roadside and Lex has a difficult choice - either she will squat and pee right in front of passers-by or an accident will happen...
Customer comments on this video:
wetbandit: Magic. [September 25, 2016]
Hitman: Agreed. Magic. [September 29, 2016]
fitschi: One of the most fantastic desperation videos I have ever seen. Many thanks! [September 29, 2016]