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A spoiled trip
A spoiled trip A spoiled trip A spoiled trip A spoiled trip A spoiled trip A spoiled trip

Rita - A spoiled trip 88%

Date: September 17, 2014 Length: 11:38

Tags: wetting - desperation - humiliation - jeans

Models: Rita

Rita is enjoying a lovely afternoon in Prague, she came here for a couple of days. She's having coffee and is so glad she had broken up with that annoying guy! After a while she pays for the beverages but forgets to go to the bathroom. She's really looking forward to sightseeing but she will be in serious trouble very soon. She's walking on the courtyard of the Prague castle and suddenly feels the need to pee. She's searching for public toilets and even asks a guy but he doesn't know either. She tries to use toilets in a luxury restaurant but they almost kick her out because she's not their guest and doesn't want to buy anything. Rita is trying to find a solution but it's too late. She pees her jeans on old castle stairs. Are you curious how she solves her situation? Watch this video...