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Bumpy road
Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road

Naomi - Bumpy road 92%

Date: June 17, 2015 Length: 20:25

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - crying - travelling

Models: Naomi

Naomi is travelling to visit her friend in Prague. Her friend's husband is picking her up at the bus terminal - after a short conversation they get into the car and he is driving her to his wife who is living at the far edge of the town. The trip is long and Naomi is getting desperate to pee. The traffic is heavy and the speed bumps also don't help the overall situation...
Customer comments on this video:
Ironman250: This is the best video I have seen so far. Beautifully done. Naomi is the best! she is my favorite model out of all the models. :) [June 17, 2015]
desplover: Desplover: Naomi is one of the best Model, her desperation and crying is so true and real. A very good video ! ! [June 17, 2015]
ikarus0815: very good, one of the best, even the best I've seen! Very nice and authentic situation, good and genuie desperation! [June 18, 2015]
lzoy02: May be the best video with the best model I have ever seen. We need more of this! Incredible. [June 18, 2015]
Ironman250: I agree...Part 2 Bumpy Road?? ;) [June 19, 2015]
BS123123: Yes! Naomi is awesome! She so natural in all that stuff she performs! Incredible video! Especially the moment of 'falling out' of the car! [June 19, 2015]
Admin: I have to confess Naomi is my personal favorite as well :-) And in this video she was extremely desperate and begging the driver to stop! [June 25, 2015]
fitschi: Yes Naomi, I love you. Great desperation scenes and great potholes and real crying. Keep it up! [July 07, 2015]
TruFan3: More Naomi Please!!! [July 08, 2015]
lolcat1987: One of the best desperation videos I've ever seen, not just on this site either! I'm totally convinced the wetting was genuine. More like this please! [August 13, 2015]
siegala: Simply great! Wonderful acting, most probably genuine desperation (very long pee at the end!!) [August 30, 2015]
BS123123: For my many years seeing desperation video this one is really the best. Naomi is naturally born for the real life action videos. Thank you! [September 07, 2015]
fischer666: I love this realistc scenes much more then the short "only peeing" scenes [October 20, 2017]
Mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes

Naomi - Mashed potatoes 83%

Date: June 12, 2015 Length: 05:48

Tags: wetting - cleaning - jeans

Models: Naomi

Naomi is doing her shopping and is really looking forward to cooking her favorite meal - pork with mashed potatoes. She is putting everything into the car trunk when her plastic bag tears and potatoes are rolling all over the ground. She quickly starts picking them up but at one point when she bends over too much her muscles betray her and she totally loses control of her bladder. Naomi then tries to pull her wet jeans down but it's more complicated than it may seem and she's clearly very angry! She decides to pull down her panties as well, leaves the shopping cart on the parking lot and drives the car naked...
Customer comments on this video:
arch313: Yet another great video by Naomi... defiantly 100/100 [June 17, 2015]
Tram station
Tram station Tram station Tram station Tram station Tram station Tram station

Isabell - Tram station 84%

Date: June 03, 2015 Length: 06:29

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans

Models: Isabell

Isabell is late and her boss won't be happy! She hurries to catch the tram but comes just seconds late and has to wait for the next one. What's even worse is that she really has to pee - she could return back to a nearby park and pee there but then she'd probably miss the next tram and would risk being fired. She'll simply do her best to hold it and pee at work (it's not a long trip, just four stations) but... suddenly a stream starts flowing down her legs. Isabell is pretending as if nothing is happening and looks around cautiously to find out whether anybody has seen that. Luckily not! There's just one man nearby but he is far and probably didn't see what happened. Isabell tries to clean her jeans and decides to return back home to get changed. She missed the next tram anyway...
Shopping mall
Shopping mall Shopping mall Shopping mall Shopping mall Shopping mall Shopping mall

Isabell - Shopping mall 83%

Date: May 27, 2015 Length: 09:57

Tags: wetting - pissing - cleaning - jeans

Models: Isabell

Isabell is eating loads of food in a fast food restaurant in a big shopping mall. After a large coke she really needs to unbutton her pants to let her belly rest! After a while (and having eaten and drunk everything she could) she buttons her pants again and heads for the restroom. But something goes terrible wrong. She is now unable to pull the pants down, the zipper is stuck. When she finally succeeds it's already too late and first spurts of pee are clearly visible on her jeans. It takes her a long time to clean all that mess and yet the result is less than satisfactory...
Gas station
Gas station Gas station Gas station Gas station Gas station Gas station

Nikki - Gas station 83%

Date: May 20, 2015 Length: 05:02

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans - cleaning - humiliation

Models: Nikki

What a typical situation at a Czech gas station! They almost never have their toilets unlocked. Nikki's bladder is bursting and she is definitely not willing to go inside the building and beg for toilet keys while squirming. There are some bushes nearby which are perfectly suitable for a quick hidden pee! Nikki squats down to pee there when she suddenly notices a group of teenage boys approaching. She definitely doesn't want them to see her in this position so she quickly pulls her pants up but the stream is already flowing... and this was quite a flood! She hurries to an even more secluded spot to clean herself but all this effort is quite pointless because her jeans are totally soaked...
Slim and wet
Slim and wet Slim and wet Slim and wet Slim and wet Slim and wet Slim and wet

Laura - Slim and wet 85%

Date: May 15, 2015 Length: 07:02

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - cleaning

Models: Laura

Laura is visiting her friend today and she is really looking forward to that. Girls love to meet to talk about boys, shopping or latest fashion. The bus lines in Prague are very long and Laura's friend lives more than a kilometer from the nearest bus stop. So there's no wonder Laura is already desperate to pee when she gets off the bus. Luckily she knows there's a forest nearby and she hurries there. Undoubtedly she will be able to squat in a bush somewhere! But the path is narrow, there's a steep slope on both sides of the path and suddenly she stops - to her horror a stream of urine starts flowing down her legs...
Wet on the Charles Bridge
Wet on the Charles Bridge Wet on the Charles Bridge Wet on the Charles Bridge Wet on the Charles Bridge Wet on the Charles Bridge Wet on the Charles Bridge

Jessica - Wet on the Charles Bridge 89%

Date: May 13, 2015 Length: 08:17

Tags: wetting - desperation - humiliation - pissing - jeans

Models: Jessica

I think the famous Charles Bridge in Prague has witnessed a lot. Medieval battles, celebrations, kings and queens. But this is going to be a premiere - Jessica will wet her pants there. She is going to her work the same route every day but she is in a rush today because she is absolutely desperate to pee. Jessica is trying to find a suitable spot but this is a tourist attraction and she can't squat anywhere. The pressure in her bladder is really strong because she drank almost two liters of tea. When she can't hold it anymore she decides to step a bit to the side and wants to relieve herself by peeing her panties a bit. What follows is however a flood! Her jeans are totally soaked with piss and Jessica feels really embarrassed. She runs away to find a place to release what was left in her bladder. Then she gives up and lights a cigarette. The power of the morning sun will hopefully dry her jeans a bit...
Customer comments on this video:
Wetter2104: WOW, wish i could give this one 150%. soo public, and such a stunning lady...more like this please!! [March 01, 2017]
desperation: another embarassing situation great [May 24, 2017]
TheImp: One of the best videos on the site! [January 12, 2018]
Wet painting
Wet painting Wet painting Wet painting Wet painting Wet painting Wet painting

Cayla - Wet painting 83%

Date: May 11, 2015 Length: 26:04

Tags: wetting - desperation - humiliation - competition - jeans - torture

Models: Cayla

Cayla agreed to take part in our very popular competition. The rules are slightly more complicated than in other contests. Cayla has to drink a small bottle of sparkling wine, wait 10 minutes and then piss a bit in her panties to make a small stain on her jeans. Then comes the second bottle, another 10 minutes and she has to piss just enough for the wet patch to reach her knees. And finally in the last round she has to wet her pants as much as possible so that the pee ends up in her shoes. Cayla is doing a great job, in fact after the first round she pissed a bit more but we decided to accept that (because we were enjoying this sight!). After three rounds her shoes were totally soaked with piss, Cayla got her reward and she really deserved it because a lovely pair went for a Sunday walk and arrived to our spot while Cayla was in full flow! Quite a shock for them...
Customer comments on this video:
david83: One more time! [June 07, 2015]
Wet mess
Wet mess Wet mess Wet mess Wet mess Wet mess Wet mess

Jessica - Wet mess 80%

Date: May 06, 2015 Length: 07:17

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans

Models: Jessica

Jessica is walking from the shop. She has two heavy bags and is really desperate to pee. (Btw. we waited 40 minutes and Jessica had to pee twice off-camera, otherwise she wouldn't make it to the shop!). Her only task is to walk home and then we'd wait to see what happens (she would probably piss herself while unlocking the flat or something). But she didn't make it and our model wet herself earlier than we had planned! In the end she had to put her spare pants on, otherwise her wetting would be too obvious and we didn't want to attract too much attention.
Customer comments on this video:
Wetter2104: Jessica is absolutely stunning, soo much sexier than all the skinny little girls, and so naughty too, pissing herself very publicly like that. [March 01, 2017]
Locked public toilet
Locked public toilet Locked public toilet Locked public toilet Locked public toilet Locked public toilet Locked public toilet

Jessica - Locked public toilet 85%

Date: May 01, 2015 Length: 09:51

Tags: desperation - wetting - pissing - jeans

Models: Jessica

Jessica is about to experience a really embarrassing situation today. She doesn't know it yet but soon she will be pissing into her jeans. Right now she's walking in the streets of Prague and drinking water. It doesn't take long and she really needs to pee. She knows there's a public toilet nearby but when she arrives there she realizes she doesn't have coins to unlock the door. She literally runs to the nearest shop to have her banknote changed but in the meantime the toilet is occupied by an elder lady. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be in a hurry and Jessica simply can't wait anymore and pisses a flood. Watch the big stain between her legs while she was walking towards the cabin - she clearly arrived too late! Now it's time to deal with this situation...
Customer comments on this video:
Wetter2104: Such a sexy and naughty lady, think i'm in love [March 01, 2017]
desperation: that is an embarassing situation little nice bush slip I love it [May 24, 2017]