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An adult diaper
An adult diaper An adult diaper An adult diaper An adult diaper An adult diaper An adult diaper

Bibi - An adult diaper 86%

Date: December 17, 2014 Length: 07:10

Tags: wetting - desperation - jeans - humiliation - pissing - diaper

Models: Bibi

Bibi's illness is very embarrassing, she often has moments when she simply can't hold her pee. Our video starts when she's leaving the hospital with a prescription for adult diapers. She's not feeling well and buying her first diapers at the local drugstore is a nightmare as well because the pharmacist is a young guy and she is incredibly shy. After a few minutes she realized she urgently needs to pee so she hurries to a seclude spot and starts unpacking her diapers. Reading the attached instructions wasn't a good idea, she lost a couple of precious seconds and now she's pissing a strong stream not only into the diaper but also through her hands into her pants. Watch the video to find out how she solves this embarrassing situation!
Customer comments on this video:

walther222 [March 08, 2021]
more diapers please!