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Coming out
Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out

Naomi + Vanda - Coming out 88%

Date: December 04, 2015 Length: 08:42

Tags: wetting - desperation - lesbian - jeans

Models: Naomi + Vanda

Naomi and Vanda are lesbians - but Vanda's father doesn't know about it. Naomi stayed in Vanda's flat last night and now the girls woke up and Naomi is about to release her morning pee in the bathroom. Suddenly Vanda's father phones her and asks Vanda to open the front door because he just arrived for a surprise visit! Vanda hurries to the bathroom and tries to hide Naomi in the closet. Naomi fights with her bladder for some time but then loses the battle and pisses her jeans. Normally this wouldn't be a disaster but the puddle of pee leaks to the hall and Vanda's father can't overlook it when he walks past to put his shoes on...
Customer comments on this video:

tommmmi [December 05, 2015]
noami is so awesome, more piss vids with her tits out plz

GGHendrix [January 04, 2016]
Naomi is the best! hope to see a bedwetting video of her soon :)

nosemuscle [October 30, 2023]
One of Naomi's best!!!