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Fucking padlock
Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock Fucking padlock

Licky Lex + Luca Bella - Fucking padlock 86%

Date: May 27, 2016 Length: 10:24

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition - torture

Models: Licky Lex + Luca Bella

Luca's jeans are locked and she is clearly looking forward to peeing while her colleague is making fun of her. After a while she allows Luca to pee just a little bit - just like we always do. We love torturing! After a few more minutes Luca is allowed to make another puddle - and then she has to stop again. What can be worse than dying to pee and then being allowed to pee just a few mililiters? I know. Watching her friend pee in front of her makes the overall situation even worse...
Squirming on the tram
Squirming on the tram Squirming on the tram Squirming on the tram Squirming on the tram Squirming on the tram Squirming on the tram

Luca Bella - Squirming on the tram 88%

Date: October 10, 2016 Length: 32:41

Tags: desperation - pissing - competition

Models: Luca Bella

Same task as with other girls before - using various means of Prague public transport (trams, buses, underground) to get to the target place and find keys to the padlock on the girl's jeans. Today's trip was very long and the model was really desperate to pee already an hour before we started! Will she make it safely to the target place or will she wet her pants? You have to watch the whole video to find out. The ending surprised all of us...
Customer comments on this video:
hellraiser: shame! That's why we need this challenge to be made with models who can be trust like Naomi,dee,lexi dona, ... [October 10, 2016]
tegelgate1: Brilliant! pls more of this :) [October 11, 2016]
falcon: These are my favorite types of videos! Keep them coming! I am OK with the ending, it shows how desperate the girl was! Real desperation is the best!!! [October 11, 2016]
Hitman: IDK... with the new structure of the site having twice as many piss videos already, when we get to a wetting day, it kinds sux not to get a wetting. [October 11, 2016]
desp_fan: Really love the premise, being out and about in public adds that extra bit of realism, and incentive to the girls to hold on to the max. Keep it up! [October 11, 2016]
Admin: Guys, it would be great if she wet herself but this ending couldn't be predicted. In 95% other cases we do manage to capture the girl wetting herself. [October 11, 2016]
Cthulu: I made a survey for this format: [October 11, 2016]
desp1999: These are absolutely the best desperation vids out there - and despite the ending, this is probably the best one yet.Absolute genuine desp.Keep it up! [October 11, 2016]
Hitman: @admin , I think the realism is great but this shows we could go a full week w/out a wetting vid, and with monthly sub format, that's rough IMO. [October 11, 2016]
Admin: Don't worry, "wetting" videos without wetting like this one will be rare. Sometimes it happens that the girl can hold it. Not often, don't worry :-) [October 11, 2016]
david83: The concept is really good and the clips will be unpredictable as it should be. but I wanted the camera less shaky. [October 11, 2016]
Admin: This video was filmed by the girl, hence the shaky camera. The cameraman was waiting for them, ready to film the wetting. [October 11, 2016]
Revenant99: I actually really like the ending in here. It just purely shows how desperate the girl is that she decides to move away and drops down her pants [October 12, 2016]
Revenant99: Also I really like when the girl use her instinct, due to her desperation, instead of just following some rules. Luckly she make the right choice :-). [October 12, 2016]
marcusfl: I love the ending. Great pissing and such a genuine relief. Just splendid. [October 12, 2016]
tcbnorge: Like i have said before this desperation videos is what i like best about Lovewetting. I think it is to much pissing videos now hope for more desp/wet [October 12, 2016]
Minethlos: This is the best pissing video I've ever seen! In the end she peed with such a strong stream for such a long time! [November 08, 2016]
Minethlos: And the fact that she just ran into the bushes is very realistic, just what a woman would do in this situation :) [November 08, 2016]
Like a racehorse
Like a racehorse Like a racehorse Like a racehorse Like a racehorse Like a racehorse Like a racehorse

Claudia + Veronika - Like a racehorse 84%

Date: August 14, 2015 Length: 21:59

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - competition - tickling - torture

Models: Claudia + Veronika

Competitions seem to be more popular than scripts so we hired Claudia as our assistant and her task was to keep Veronika in a really desperate state but she could pee or wet herself only when we allowed her to - and only to a certain extent. Claudia pushed on her bladder and a first wetting followed. Veronika then had to do squats which inevitably resulted in a second wetting. More drinking and Claudia even teased her by peeing next to her. Veronika became really desperate so Claudia allowed her to pull down her shorts a bit and pee in her panties in several short waves. This was a true torture for Veronika but she fought bravely and pissed herself only when she really couldn't hold it. I did not measure how much she drank but her piss formed literally a lake on the ground!
Customer comments on this video:
fischer666: The scene is perfect but in my opinion, Licky is much better as assistant. She have more fun. [October 20, 2017]
60 minutes
60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes

Morgan - 60 minutes 84%

Date: September 02, 2015 Length: 18:12

Tags: wetting - torture - humiliation - desperation - pissing

Models: Morgan

Morgan arrived at the shooting with her bladder full (as requested by us) and was drinking ice tea during the whole challenge. One member of our team was asked to torture Morgan for one hour and he did a pretty good job. He kept pushing on her bladder and belly, Morgan had to do squats and there were plenty of similar small tests and moves with only one purpose: to make Morgan pee herself because not only she'd receive less money from us but also we'd have something cool to watch :-) She also wore white panties for better visibility of all the wet spots. The resulting video is one of the best wetting videos we have ever filmed!
Customer comments on this video:
fitschi: Oh my god, what are you doing with this pretty girls?My guy, you are crazy and what a fantastic idea from yourside. Please more tortoure videos!! [September 08, 2015]
Cthulu: Nearly perfect video! Few more pussy shots when pissing and everything is perfect! Thx! [October 04, 2015]
Bladder bulge
Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge Bladder bulge

Chrissy Fox - Bladder bulge 88%

Date: October 02, 2015 Length: 31:06

Tags: wetting - pissing - jeans - competition - torture

Models: Chrissy Fox

No need to say much about this video, this is part of our torture series. Chrissy is told to hold her pee for thirty minutes but as she's becoming more and more desperate and her jeans show first pee stains the cameraman allows her to pee short spurs in regular intervals. So we get to see a couple of minor peeing and wetting scenes before she is allowed to release the whole content of her bladder in the grand finale.
Customer comments on this video:
Cthulu: One of the best videos i've ever seen! Everything is awesome! Ony thing you could do is more straight pussy shots- but besides this- best ending etc.! [October 04, 2015]
fitschi: Again a perfect desperation video! Thank you so much Chrissy and the man behind the camera! [October 06, 2015]
Ironman250: Chrissy is amaizing! this is a fantastic and sexy video...more with her please [April 01, 2016]
d-nikv: Chrissy is so hot, when she relase her urgent need [September 09, 2017]
Strong stream
Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream

Naomi - Strong stream 81%

Date: April 08, 2016 Length: 12:58

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition

Models: Naomi

We're back at the spot where we had shot so many successful videos of this kind. Once again the model is very desperate to pee but we're teasing her with several tasks - and after each of them she is allowed to pee a little. The tasks include untying shoelaces and tying them again, jumping, staying in an uncomfortable position or squatting. And Naomi is the queen of desperation and strong streams! Whenever she's allowed to release a bit of pee we get a huge stream shooting backwards from her pussy! Most of it ended up in her jeans, though...
Customer comments on this video:
mousecat: Hey, look at that stream ! And that butt ! I love her ! [April 11, 2016]
arch313: OMFG Naomi out does herself great video and you can see she is having fun while being very desperate. [April 13, 2016]
falcon: That was perfect! [April 14, 2016]
cammie: An all time great- Naomi just the best. Can we have Naomi black nylons, shor black skirt, drinking & desperate, cant go at all till she pees herself? [July 09, 2016]
Like a man 2
Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2 Like a man 2

Violeta - Like a man 2 86%

Date: May 16, 2016 Length: 11:37

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - cleaning - competition

Models: Violeta

Some time ago we asked Naomi to try to piss like a man (with her pants only slightly down) into a sink. She succeeded only partially and most of her pee ended up in her pants. This video has become very popular among our members so this time we hired Violeta and gave her the same task. Will she be able to aim properly or will she totally soak her pants? Watch this video to find out!
Customer comments on this video:
condomy: like a man !!! please more [May 24, 2016]
Five rounds of desperation
Five rounds of desperation Five rounds of desperation Five rounds of desperation Five rounds of desperation Five rounds of desperation Five rounds of desperation

Dee - Five rounds of desperation 82%

Date: February 25, 2015 Length: 32:30

Tags: wetting - desperation - shower - competition - nylons

Models: Dee

The contests have proven to be very popular so we filmed another one. Young Dee wants to earn CZK 2000 (about USD 100) by holding her pee for more than 25 minutes. She is dressed in several layers of clothing (to make everything more difficult for her) and there are five rounds total. After each round she can take off one layer of clothing but also she has to drink a glass of tea. In addition to that her hands are tied. At first she's very optimistic and intends to get an extra reward if she manages to hold it until round 6 but after 15-20 minutes the situation starts changing very quickly. She becomes really desperate and realizes she might lose the bet. Our assistant was instructed to make the task for Dee as difficult as possible so everything takes her ages when Dee asks her to untie her hands. She fought very bravely but had to give up during the fifth round and run to the bathroom. But the staircase is long... and Dee is already in agony. Will she make it to the bathroom or will she wet her nylons?
Customer comments on this video:
wadess: Loved this video.. Offering smaller perseverance reward would generate better attitudes in models. You'd be able to add fun to by content. [May 31, 2015]
gowavedave: Great and authentic desperation. Awesome video. But I didn't like the close-ups on the clock or the glass while model was in full action. [January 03, 2016]
Sasha on a trip
Sasha on a trip Sasha on a trip Sasha on a trip Sasha on a trip Sasha on a trip Sasha on a trip

Sasha Zima - Sasha on a trip 85%

Date: November 07, 2016 Length: 24:28

Tags: wetting - desperation - pissing - competition

Models: Sasha Zima

These "desperation trips" have been extremely popular here at our site but they also mean certain complications for us. We always send a girl who accompanies the model (and has her own camera) - and our main cameraman is waiting at the destination to capture the moment when both girls arrive and the model starts searching for the key to her "belt". But in some cases the model simply can't hold it anymore and either wets her pants or tears down her jeans and squats somewhere on the route. What will happen today?
Customer comments on this video:
hellraiser: Amazing! [November 07, 2016]
wettdrm: That was perfect! [November 07, 2016]
tcbnorge: Very good. Keep up the good work. :-) [November 07, 2016]
desp-fan2016: Fantastic video, love the comments when the camera girl had to make a pee stop. Priceless! Please continue with this type of video. [November 08, 2016]
Admin: We noticed people absolutely loved this type of videos so we filmed five or six already but let us know if they become boring :-) [November 08, 2016]
desp1999: Boring?!? These are THE best vids on the site and this one is no exception! What a lovely model and what an absolute gem for desplovers! Best one yet! [November 10, 2016]
alanyong: i have problem in downloading most of the videos at it always stop when it is not 50% finished or lesser. [November 11, 2016]
Canarashi: Love this type of video! [November 18, 2016]
Armage100: Loved watching the blond model stop for a pee - shame her friend didn't have a wee on the train! [November 19, 2016]
dribbledre: She's a must for your other sitye WDGirls. [December 30, 2016]
Wrong way
Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way

Lucia Denville - Wrong way 89%

Date: March 20, 2017 Length: 31:10

Tags: wetting - pissing - jeans - desperation - travelling - competition

Models: Lucia Denville

I have a feeling our "searching for the key" trips are too long and difficult for the girls because our cameraman often arrives too late when the model is already wet :-) This wasn't his fault, though - the girls got lost! Our capital is quite a large city and the girls simply got lost and our cameraman finally found them when Lucia's jeans were already soaked with piss. Thank god our assistant has her own camera! Maybe we should make the trips easier... or maybe not? :-)
Customer comments on this video:
hellraiser: omg she was so close to have an accident on the tram! That's would have be magic hehe [March 21, 2017]
desp-fan2016: These videos just keep getting better and better, best desperation possible due to the public aspect of the scene. Keep it up! [March 21, 2017]
wettdrm: This is a great video! These type of videos are my favorite!!! [March 21, 2017]
desp1999: Fantastic clip! Easily one of the best on the site. [March 24, 2017]