Streaming issues fixed!

Date: September 21, 2019

Some of you may have experienced streaming issues, mainly on iOS devices but also most recently on Android 9. We have finally decided to upgrade the FlowPlayer library and we feel this has fixed all these issues. We'd like to ask you to go to your member profile and switch the streaming to "Flowplayer (more features)". We think this solution should work perfectly for almost all of you :-)

In some rare cases streaming doesn't work because you're accessing our site from a new IP range and the browser doesn't forward you to the PIN code page. If you think that might be your case just go to the PIN code page yourself and you will see immediately whether your IP address is recognized or whether you will have to enter your personal 6-digit PIN code to enable downloading and streaming from a new address.

Important message - Annie

Date: November 04, 2018

Annie isn't active in the porn business anymore and leads now a new quiet private life. Because of the amount of her videos at various free servers and due to an increasing amount of attacks and psychical terror she has asked us to delete all her videos.

So if you still haven't downloaded Annie's videos (at ALL of our websites - WD, MDS, PP, LW) please do it by the end of November. Then all her videos will be deleted.

PIN code needed to enable new IP addresses for downloading

Date: March 17, 2018

After some time we have to bring back the security precaution we used to use back in 2014-2016. Plenty of hackers are trying to steal our videos by cracking passwords. So from now on every attempt to download videos from a new IP range will have to be confirmed by your personal PIN code that you received shortly after your joining (check your spam folder if you can't find it).

Most our customers have a fixed IP address so this precaution will affect only those of you whose provider changes your IP address often. Also if you forgot your PIN code don't worry - there's a "resend" button on the very same page that will ask you to enter your code.

Thank you very much for understanding. Security is very important for us and we need to protect not only you but also our exclusive videos.

Thank you

Christmas offer + updated review!

Date: December 25, 2017

It's Christmas and that's time for presents. Not only the prices went down for a temporary period of time but also we got a present ourselves - the most respected server with ratings TheBestPorn has rated us at 87% which gives us a THIRD place in the world in the pissing category. It's a pity they don't have a wetting category, otherwise we'd have undoubtedly won it :-)

We'd also like to thank you for your continuous support. We've come with 4K resolution (for the piss videos) earlier this year and we hope to bring some interesting news for you in 2018 as well!

The LoveWetting team

August - month of discounts!

Date: August 11, 2017

Only until the end of the month you can enjoy our content with a 33% discount: the streaming membership costs only $10 for the first month and full membership for only $20 for the first month! The recurring prices are standard but even the one discounted month is worth joining, considering the 900+ videos we have on this site ;-)

Better picture quality

Date: June 01, 2017

I'm sure most of you have noticed how the picture quality of the recent videos has improved! After literally months of testing we have bought new equipment; new videos are shot using Panasonic GH5, one of the best mirrorless cameras in the world. I'm sure you will appreciate more details, better capturing of movement or perfect close-ups of the models' pussies ;-)

More join options with Epoch

Date: March 16, 2017

We have started cooperation with Epoch, the leading payment processor in adult industry. But we'll keep CCBill as the secondary processor as well. So it's up to you which payment gate you choose, you can compare which of them is cheaper for you or which accepts the card that you have. For example Epoch can process Paypal payments - that's a big advantage! :-)

Easier downloading without the PIN code

Date: September 20, 2016

For your better comfort we've temporarily switched the PIN code protection off - you can now download from multiple IP addresses without having to enter the code. If we come across any pirate leak this protection will be reestablished.

Major changes at our site

Date: September 16, 2016

Dear members and friends of wetting and pissing,

LoveWetting has been online for two years. During those 24 months we filmed hundreds of pissing and wetting videos. Our original idea was very simple. We decided to collect experiences of girls and women with situations in which they were desperate to pee, had to pee in public places or even wet themselves. Then we wanted to recreate these stories with our professional models and film these one-of-a-kind videos with long desperation and an embarrassing real wetting. And why would we do that? Because you can't find this kind of content anywhere else. Videos at other wetting websites are too unreal or even faked. We wanted to film real stories.

But we came across first difficulties almost immediately. The girls' bladders were so totally full that they simply COULDN'T pee, they were blocked. Also we wanted to film mostly in public but even the most famous porn stars refused our offer because wetting their pants is too humiliating for them. They don't mind giving blowjobs at a swinger sex party and then swallow sperm but walking with wet pants is extremely humiliating and disgusting for them (how ironic is that?). On the other hand we managed to find several models who really have problems with their sphincter and often pee themselves without being able to control that (even in their real lives). So we hope we did manage to deliver what you've been asking us for :-)

Our content will slightly change. Every week we will try to film two wetting scenes, two "artistic" pissing scenes and two slightly different pissing scenes (for example voyeur-like). And not only that. We want to let people watch anything they want and as a result we're totally changing our pricing strategy. There will be only two different monthly types of membership:

  • $15 - STREAMING ONLY - we call this "my portable drive". For a low fee you can play all our videos online (we've also improved our streaming player). There will be no limit regarding what you can or can't play - but you won't be able to download anything.
  • $30 - FULL MEMBERSHIP - that includes not only playing all videos online but also downloading any videos you want - in three resolutions (SD, HD, Full HD).
In addition to that every member will automatically get access to four bonus videos every week of his membership (the counter is reset with every cancellation so only loyal members will eventually get access to all the bonuses). There are currently over 350 bonus videos but we will be adding more.

The credit system will become invalid after October 15 but we haven't forgotten about our loyal members who have been with us in the past two years. All of you automatically got free credits of the same value that you've spent at our site so far. So basically you can start downloading plenty of videos for free now! You are of course more than welcome to join this monthly membership program but even if you decide not to do so we hope these free credits will please you and you will download plenty of enjoyable videos from our site before the accounts become invalid on October 15.

What is this change all about? It means you don't have to "refill" your credit account every few weeks, you don't have to hesitate which video to play or download. Just decide which type of monthly membership is better for you. If you're tight on cash just don't buy your favorite pizza & coke one evening and spend this $15 on a monthly streaming membership. Or if you prefer full access, you want to download our videos to your devices or you want to avoid possible speed issues with streaming we highly recommend the $30 membership. We will naturally try to keep delivering good looking models, interesting videos (contests, videos with storyline etc.), perhaps even filmed with a better equipment (we're doing some tests with new cameras). If you have any questions feel free to send us an email, Martin at our excellent customer support is replying to all queries within 24 hours and he will be more than happy to help you.

We hope this new system will allow you to download videos much more cheaply than before. Now it's up to you :-) I wish you a pleasant experience on behalf of our LW team!

Radek (producer)

Big 2015 survey

Date: November 11, 2015

Although we receive occasional feedback from you guys, we need to collect opinions from as many customers as possible. We have created a short 2015 survey and we'd like to kindly ask you to answer a couple of questions and help us improve our videos ;-) (You must be logged in to be able to take part in the survey).

Adding comments and reviews now possible

Date: May 21, 2015

You are now welcome to add a short and simple review to each video you download. There is a 150-character limit but it should be sufficient to let us know which video you liked so that we know what to film for you! (For obvious reasons you are not allowed to review videos you haven't downloaded :-)

Some of the recent projects were published with a 24-hour delay, we apologize for that. Models in adult business are highly unreliable and they often don't arrive to the shooting! But don't worry, we will keep delivering high quality content to you! We also have some plans to improve our videos - stay tuned ;-)

More reviews of Love Wetting!

Date: May 19, 2015

Several more adult review websites have had a look at our content and reviewed it. Do you want to know what they thought about it?

  • PornInspector gave us an incredible 4.8/5.0 rating! We are also by far the BEST PISSING SITE there!
  • RabbitsReviews gave us a 15/15 content quality rating and we are proud to be the 4th best pissing site in their HUGE database of adult sites!
  • HonestPornReviews thought we deserve 9.3/10 for content quality. We know we have to deliver more stuff to get more points for content amount :-)
Porn Inspector screenshot - Love Wetting is the best pissing site with by far the best rating!

Love Wetting reviewed as the best wetting/pissing site!

Date: April 11, 2015

We are really proud to announce that Love Wetting was reviewed as THE BEST SITE in the pissing category on!
The Best Porn screenshot - Love Wetting is the best pissing site!
Many thanks for your support and all your feedback. We really appreciate that :-)
Radek, the producer


Date: October 24, 2014

Dear friends of wetting! Two years ago I started searching for adult sites devoted to this fetish and I found out the overall state of this scene was simply catastrophical. At that time we had a well known fetish website which has won several awards in the adult business and this site was based on authenticity and reality. And that is EXACTLY what most of the wetting sites clearly missed. I saw short scenes of forced wetting or posed videos in which the model breathed heavily as if the wetting accident brought her some kind of pleasure?! And the technical quality of videos was terrible, too.

So I started thinking whether we couldn't be successful in the world of wetting - with our concept of maximum reality and authenticity which was so much appreciated by customers of our fetish site. I wanted to focus on the highest possible quality and also base our videos on real wetting stories. I sat down and tried to write a couple of scripts but I failed, the results were boring. I simply couldn't imagine seeing a girl wet her panties. How many of them have I seen in real life? Not a single one! All of them simply managed to hold it or mask it somehow.

And then I got an idea. What if we collected real life stories from girls and women from all over the world? It took us two years to do that, we browsed discussion forums and placed ads asking for anonymous stories. When we gathered enough ideas we hired beautiful Czech models and started filming. Obviously we also had to invest a couple of thousand euros into professional equipment - full HD resolution and HD sound are a must these days. But even all this would not be enough to have exclusive and authentic wetting content. You - our current or future customers - deserve much more.

You have the right to experience a REAL scene. So we always start filming at the point when the model is already desperate to pee. Sometimes we witness comical or weird situations but the result is worth it. And all of that just for you, dear friends of wetting.

In our scenes you will uncurtain the secrets that most women will never tell. Our camera will follow the women behind toilet doors, in a forest or bushes but also in the streets, office or at home. And not only that, you will also witness some crazy wetting competitions such as when we tied a chain to the model's trousers and she had to travel across the city to reach the destination. In another case the model had to drink glasses of water and then freeze with her full bladder at the wall. All that is available here for you and we will keep trying to offer you something different, something new - almost every day.

We wish you an enjoyable experience!
Radek, the producer