Frequently asked questions

Billing support - cancelling your membership

We currently offer two payments gates (CCBill and Epoch) and cancelling your account can be done at their websites. When you log in you will see the cancellation link and further instructions on this Contact page.

Forgot your username, password, PIN code?

If you forgot your username or password, please send us an email (from the mailbox that you used for registering at this site) and let us know what you THINK is your username and/or password. We'll locate your account details and send them to you.

If you lose your PIN code, you can have it sent to you - the button for this purpose is on the very same page that asks for the PIN code...

If you don't get any reply from us please make sure that you used the correct email address. A lot of our members type their email address incorrectly into the join form and then wonder why they didn't receive the PIN code or why we don't answer their emails. The only reason is that we don't know your correct email address!

Where do I enter the PIN code?

You will be asked to enter your PIN code whenever you attempt a download from a new IP address. In some very rare cases (streaming in mobile devices with iOS) it's possible you won't be redirected to the page with the PIN code - see below.

Streaming issues

Basically all the streaming issues are caused by Apple devices when your IP address isn't enabled by your personal PIN code. For some reasons Apple devices do not forward the customer to the page where the PIN code should be entered. The solution is simple: once you are logged in just go to the PIN code page and enter the code there. Your streaming or downloading will work fine.

In some very rare cases the device attempts to stream or download from a totally different address than the user is logged from. In such case get in touch and we will try to help.

Contact us - only if your question isn't answered above

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via this form. Please don't ask us about the content or models - our webmaster does not have access to this kind of info.