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Fuel in, Urine out
Fuel in, Urine out Fuel in, Urine out Fuel in, Urine out Fuel in, Urine out Fuel in, Urine out Fuel in, Urine out

Vanessa Hell - Fuel in, Urine out 86%

Date: September 15, 2014 Length: 07:11

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - humiliation - travelling

Models: Vanessa Hell

I'm driving my car with my girlfriend Vanessa and our story begins when I have to refuel and she is desperate to empty her bladder. The problem is that I have some troubles walking (injured leg) so I ask Vanessa to fuel up and then use the bathroom after she pays for the fuel. Vanessa is doing her best to hold it but the fuel tank is big and fuel is flowing inside too slowly. Vanessa starts peeing throught her shorts and even her court shoes are getting wet. She's terribly ashamed, runs away through the wash stand behind the waste containers and pees a strong stream there. The solution of this whole situation can be seen in this video.
Customer comments on this video:

jean180274 [May 22, 2015]
Very good!

desplover [November 27, 2015]
one of the best!!!

desperation [May 29, 2017]

Cabling [March 29, 2018]
le meilleur !!! le plus reel.

Mediumbear [December 21, 2018]
This video is great. She pees wonderfully

Ohoh43 [August 09, 2020]
One of the best vid's that I've ever seen!

username [February 23, 2021]

She missed her chance
She missed her chance She missed her chance She missed her chance She missed her chance She missed her chance She missed her chance

Nathaly - She missed her chance 87%

Date: October 03, 2014 Length: 08:40

Tags: wetting - desperation - cleaning - travelling

Models: Nathaly

Nathally is my personal assistant. We're just returning home from an important meeting and we're discussing business in our car. The problem is that she needs to pee but we just missed the last gas station and there won't be another one for the next 100km or so. She's nervous and asks me to stop the car whenever I can, even on the highway. That would be dangerous so I don't give a fuck about her requests. Nathally is getting angry and aggressive (this was not role playing, she was really mad!) and there's a serious danger she will pee on my light leather seats. Luckily we see a gas station after some time and Nathally runs inside to borrow the key. Unfortunately for her the toilet seat is really dirty. Our model cleans the toilet frantically but... Watch the whole story in our video!
Customer comments on this video:

condomy [May 26, 2016]
not bad - bad more details would be nice

RichardOakgreat [October 10, 2022]
A very long piss. She must be really desperate! And she is so sexy!

YungAbe [November 01, 2022]
What a view!!! 10/10

Wrong way
Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way Wrong way

Lucia Denville - Wrong way 86%

Date: March 20, 2017 Length: 31:10

Tags: wetting - pissing - jeans - desperation - travelling - competition

Models: Lucia Denville

I have a feeling our "searching for the key" trips are too long and difficult for the girls because our cameraman often arrives too late when the model is already wet :-) This wasn't his fault, though - the girls got lost! Our capital is quite a large city and the girls simply got lost and our cameraman finally found them when Lucia's jeans were already soaked with piss. Thank god our assistant has her own camera! Maybe we should make the trips easier... or maybe not? :-)
Customer comments on this video:

hellraiser [March 21, 2017]
omg she was so close to have an accident on the tram! That's would have be magic hehe

desp-fan2016 [March 21, 2017]
These videos just keep getting better and better, best desperation possible due to the public aspect of the scene. Keep it up!

wettdrm [March 21, 2017]
This is a great video! These type of videos are my favorite!!!

desp1999 [March 24, 2017]
Fantastic clip! Easily one of the best on the site.

Visceroid [February 23, 2018]
Absolute do NOT make this easier! We want to see someone have an accident in public on the transit!

Euin92 [May 24, 2021]
This remains the best clip youve ever made. So sad you dont do these things anymore

tibarary [March 19, 2022]
This is one of the best video on this site. I can't understand why you stopped making such vids? These vids are unique and the reason I signed in.

Siegala246 [May 08, 2022]
Excellent video! She pissed herself before she should!! Besides - 2 more stations on the bus would have meant accident in the bus.! Hot..

Prague public transport
Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport Prague public transport

Foxy Sanie - Prague public transport 88%

Date: September 12, 2016 Length: 31:49

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - travelling

Models: Foxy Sanie

We did this with Caroline last week and we're doing this with another girl today. Desperation in public transport seems to be popular so we sent Foxy Sanie to a place located far from the starting point (we sent our assistant with her while the main cameraman was waiting at the finish line). And that is where the keys to the lock of her jeans should be. Will she make it to the finish? Or is her bladder too full to survive this long trip?
Customer comments on this video:

Cthulu [September 12, 2016]
Awesome! It would be maybeperfect without the lock and they have just to hold it literally as long as they can and strip everything in the last second

Cthulu [September 12, 2016]
And why not making the cameragirl desperate as well? so that she is motivated to find it as quick as possible as well^^ But best video so far! Holy...

tcbnorge [September 12, 2016]
Loved this concept. Only thing that would have made this better if she accidentally lost some control on the last trip. But superb video..

justme [September 13, 2016]
opps...posted comment in wrong video...meant to be here...

desp_fan [September 13, 2016]
Another excellent video, keep up the good wok and continue with this format.

desplover [September 14, 2016]
For us desplover a fantastic video. In particular, the shame and the embarrassment so appealing to the public making the film. We would like to see mo

falcon [September 14, 2016]
I need to comment again. It is a superb video as I said above. also I now realize what a great job the camera girl did capturing it all! Excellent!!!

garthm [September 18, 2016]
Best video on this site, the desperation is amazing to watch. More like this please.

hellraiser [September 19, 2016] so far I hope we will see this challenge with Naomi or Dee .

Cthulu [October 11, 2016]
I made a survey for this format:

fischer666 [October 20, 2017]
The duration of this Trips should be in realtime and not cut! AWSOM!!!

Visceroid [February 23, 2018]
I agree there are too many cuts! During the best parts, where she is very close to losing control. Do you cut out when she leaks?

avenger555 [March 02, 2020]
I think the pants should be locked until they find the key, have to walk with wet pants until then.

RichardOakgreat [October 12, 2022]
One of the best desperation scene ever when she is bursting on the bus and about to piss her pants: she ran out of the bus and then her bladder gaveup

Heavy luggage
Heavy luggage Heavy luggage Heavy luggage Heavy luggage Heavy luggage Heavy luggage

Chrissy Fox - Heavy luggage 86%

Date: August 19, 2016 Length: 06:17

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - travelling

Models: Chrissy Fox

There are days when simply everything goes wrong. Chrissy is returning from the airport and missed the bus. She takes the next one but time is running out and her bladder is about to burst. Luckily Czech girls aren't that shy and squatting somewhere behind a bush isn't such a big deal. If only it wasn't for her heavy luggage...
Customer comments on this video:

desperation [October 06, 2016]
realistic movie, great

Bumpy road
Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road

Naomi - Bumpy road 89%

Date: June 17, 2015 Length: 20:25

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - crying - travelling

Models: Naomi

Naomi is travelling to visit her friend in Prague. Her friend's husband is picking her up at the bus terminal - after a short conversation they get into the car and he is driving her to his wife who is living at the far edge of the town. The trip is long and Naomi is getting desperate to pee. The traffic is heavy and the speed bumps also don't help the overall situation...
Customer comments on this video:

Ironman250 [June 17, 2015]
This is the best video I have seen so far. Beautifully done. Naomi is the best! she is my favorite model out of all the models. :)

desplover [June 17, 2015]
Desplover: Naomi is one of the best Model, her desperation and crying is so true and real. A very good video ! !

ikarus0815 [June 18, 2015]
very good, one of the best, even the best I've seen! Very nice and authentic situation, good and genuie desperation!

lzoy02 [June 18, 2015]
May be the best video with the best model I have ever seen. We need more of this! Incredible.

Ironman250 [June 19, 2015]
I agree...Part 2 Bumpy Road?? ;)

BS123123 [June 19, 2015]
Yes! Naomi is awesome! She so natural in all that stuff she performs! Incredible video! Especially the moment of 'falling out' of the car!

Admin [June 25, 2015]
I have to confess Naomi is my personal favorite as well :-) And in this video she was extremely desperate and begging the driver to stop!

fitschi [July 07, 2015]
Yes Naomi, I love you. Great desperation scenes and great potholes and real crying. Keep it up!

TruFan3 [July 08, 2015]
More Naomi Please!!!

lolcat1987 [August 13, 2015]
One of the best desperation videos I've ever seen, not just on this site either! I'm totally convinced the wetting was genuine. More like this please!

siegala [August 30, 2015]
Simply great! Wonderful acting, most probably genuine desperation (very long pee at the end!!)

BS123123 [September 07, 2015]
For my many years seeing desperation video this one is really the best. Naomi is naturally born for the real life action videos. Thank you!

fischer666 [October 20, 2017]
I love this realistc scenes much more then the short "only peeing" scenes

___z___ [April 22, 2018]
more realistic scenes please! This is the best desperation video I've ever seen!

RichardOakgreat [October 10, 2022]
The BEST! That sweet blondie was ABOUT TO ESXPLODE. Her DESPERAION was EXTREME and she TRULY LOST CONTROL of her bladder with a NEVERENDING PISS!

Two girls, one trip II
Two girls, one trip II Two girls, one trip II Two girls, one trip II Two girls, one trip II Two girls, one trip II Two girls, one trip II

Karol Lilien + Lovita Fate - Two girls, one trip II 85%

Date: January 15, 2018 Length: 08:10

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - travelling - jeans

Models: Karol Lilien + Lovita Fate

One girl is already wet but rules are rules and no matter how embarrassed she is our trip must continue because the other girl is brave and still searching for the key.
Customer comments on this video:

medic115 [January 16, 2018]
shouldve had licky lex wet as well. Your video where the host pees also are the best

kingsman [January 25, 2018]
the idea to lock up the girls' jeans is realy nice. *g*

pissfun [February 14, 2018]
Two girls?
I count three!
Why no credit for the lovely Licky Lex?

Picking up a friend
Picking up a friend Picking up a friend Picking up a friend Picking up a friend Picking up a friend Picking up a friend

Lexi Dona - Picking up a friend 86%

Date: February 16, 2017 Length: 09:55

Tags: wetting - desperation - travelling - jeans - pissing

Models: Lexi Dona

Arriving at the bus station, waiting for a friend to pick her up and then having to survive a 20-minute car trip... Lexi Dona is having a really bad day today! Will she wet the car seat, will she "survive" the trip or will the girls have to make a quick pee stop? Watch this girl fight with her full bladder and you'll know!
Customer comments on this video:

hellraiser [February 16, 2017]
amazing ! My favourite girl. Please make her do a Prague travel challenge!

david83 [February 17, 2017]
it's another pissing video.. But a good model.

Broken toilet door lock
Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock

Naomi - Broken toilet door lock 84%

Date: December 15, 2014 Length: 04:26

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - shock - travelling

Models: Naomi

Naomi did some Christmas shopping with her boyfriend and now she's driving back home where her grandma is waiting for her. She has to stop at a gas station for a short pee break. As always the toilet door is locked and she has to borrow the key at the cash desk (this is common in our country - probably to prevent prostitution or other criminality). The situation is becoming urgent but she still manages to do a quick squat over the toilet and starts peeing. Unfortunately the door lock seems to be broken and another woman opens the door while Naomi is in the middle of really strong peeing. Watch this video to find out what happens.
Customer comments on this video:

slicksteer [February 15, 2016]
Now this one is hot I wish she pee more on her sslf

BloxXx [April 01, 2018]
Her butt is so hot, love it

Urineuranus [August 27, 2020]
want to see annie in an embarrassing situation, desperately pissing herself with her cute bare butt out just like this. ill subscribe every month! pls

YungAbe [November 02, 2022]
Love the scenario, This is my favorite Naomi video!

5 digits
5 digits 5 digits 5 digits 5 digits 5 digits 5 digits

Chrissy Fox - 5 digits 88%

Date: September 29, 2016 Length: 31:41

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition - travelling

Models: Chrissy Fox

Customer comments on this video:

tcbnorge [September 29, 2016]
Realy like this type of videos. Well done.

Cthulu [September 29, 2016]
Looks a little bit staged at the end but i love this format, i would buy one of these every week or even twice a week! Awesome :) Thx!

falcon [September 30, 2016]
Excellent! Would like to see more like this!!!

bearcomplex [October 03, 2016]
Wow, if there was one of these types of videos up every week I would sign up forever. Like nothing else on the internet.

Cthulu [October 11, 2016]
I made a survey for this format:

Armage100 [November 22, 2016]
Great piddle at the end...