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Like a man
Like a man Like a man Like a man Like a man Like a man Like a man

Naomi - Like a man 86%

Date: April 06, 2016 Length: 06:42

Tags: wetting - desperation - pissing

Models: Naomi

Naomi is back! Our superstar's task for today is to pee into the sink in a shopping mall while standing up. But she is not allowed to pull down her pants completely, only some centimeters below her pussy. Some of the peeing (into her pants!) comes before she even manages to aim, then she tries to pee while spreading her pussy using her fingers and finally she finds the right way - spreading her cheeks and turning her back to the sink. About 20% of her pee ended up in the sink but the rest is in her pants and mainly on the floor. This is technically more a pissing video but Naomi totally soaked her pants during her attempts so I think it counts as wetting too :-)
Customer comments on this video:

arch313 [April 11, 2016]
Finally more Naomi. Great video a good effort at peeing in waist high sink.

mousecat [April 11, 2016]
Absolutely hot ! This girl is so sexy ! I like her :-)

marsha [July 24, 2017]
hot scene, but I absolutely hate the lengthy instructions and comments by the cameraman. This goes for all the clips. Keep quiet and let the girls do.

Admin [July 28, 2017]
The cameraman intentionally explains the instructions to increase her desperation to pee. But I will talk to him about it, I understand your point :-)

Strong stream
Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream Strong stream

Naomi - Strong stream 84%

Date: April 08, 2016 Length: 12:58

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - competition

Models: Naomi

We're back at the spot where we had shot so many successful videos of this kind. Once again the model is very desperate to pee but we're teasing her with several tasks - and after each of them she is allowed to pee a little. The tasks include untying shoelaces and tying them again, jumping, staying in an uncomfortable position or squatting. And Naomi is the queen of desperation and strong streams! Whenever she's allowed to release a bit of pee we get a huge stream shooting backwards from her pussy! Most of it ended up in her jeans, though...
Customer comments on this video:

mousecat [April 11, 2016]
Hey, look at that stream ! And that butt ! I love her !

arch313 [April 13, 2016]
OMFG Naomi out does herself great video and you can see she is having fun while being very desperate.

falcon [April 14, 2016]
That was perfect!

cammie [July 09, 2016]
An all time great- Naomi just the best. Can we have Naomi black nylons, shor black skirt, drinking & desperate, cant go at all till she pees herself?

thedoctor [February 18, 2021]

Pissing scene
Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene

Naomi - Pissing scene 90%

Date: January 10, 2015 Length: 01:20

Tags: pissing

Models: Naomi

Customer comments on this video:

tommmmi [June 23, 2015]
so very naughty and hot

clairev [September 23, 2016]
Naomi is great in this one. Piss comes out very strongly and quickly. Very attractive model.

clairev [September 24, 2016]
One of the best ever, nice smile, long piss, great legs and feet!

davidpiano [August 11, 2018]
i would love clean her pussy and lick

Too many puzzle pieces
Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces Too many puzzle pieces

Naomi - Too many puzzle pieces 84%

Date: December 07, 2015 Length: 22:50

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans

Models: Naomi

Another puzzle game. Putting together 100 pieces of a puzzle sounds like quite an easy task but Naomi is under time pressure, she has to solve this thing before her bladder muscles fail. And as if that wasn't difficult enough there are several glasses of water nearby for her to drink - to make her torture even more intensive. After a couple of minor leaks (which Naomi comments on with laughter) she suddenly freezes, stands up and a huge lake forms below her. And the puzzle was finished hardly from one half...
Customer comments on this video:

desp1999 [December 07, 2015]
Fantastic desperation! Love that she tried to hang on - so realistic!

wetnatalee [December 10, 2015]
Love the way her jeans get totally soaked and glistening with her pee. So hot! Would have loved to see her wetfrom behind, with legs tight together!

desp_fan [December 10, 2015]
Another fine video, with a most impressive flood in the end.

falcon [December 11, 2015]
Excellent! True and fun desperation, real wetting, the best kind!

david83 [December 13, 2015]
Very nice desperation video. Great work. ★★★★★

Chanlar [May 13, 2016]
This is possibly the best video I've ever seen! So real and such an exciting game. Perfect!

wetbandit [September 26, 2016]
A sexy magic lady.

carpetpiss [October 09, 2016]
perfect, as usual, Naomi is THE best but that's clear.. :)

Filthy pig
Filthy pig Filthy pig Filthy pig Filthy pig Filthy pig Filthy pig

Naomi - Filthy pig 86%

Date: April 13, 2015 Length: 06:30

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - humiliation

Models: Naomi

We get a lot of feedback and many of you wanted to watch the model getting ready before the shooting itself. So we filmed a bit of "behind the scenes" footage (Naomi knew about the camera but didn't know it was switched on). You can see I'm deadly serious when I'm talking about full bladders! Naomi looks like a typical girl you can meet at outdoor music festivals. She needs to pee but the toilets are really messy and there are a lot of people around so she doesn't hesitate to run to find a suitable spot. But when she finally squats down an annoying guy comes to relieve himself too. Naomi asks him to leave and even shouts at him but he doesn't care. Naomi runs away, she even falls down but keeps peeing because it's not possible to stop the stream. After several more attempts she finally empties her bladder but her pants are already wet. Hopefully nobody will notice!
Customer comments on this video:

siegala [August 30, 2015]
The "behind the secenes" is simply sensationell! ;) She is so desperate... The whole video is just excellent!

Bumpy road
Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road Bumpy road

Naomi - Bumpy road 87%

Date: June 17, 2015 Length: 20:25

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - jeans - crying - travelling

Models: Naomi

Naomi is travelling to visit her friend in Prague. Her friend's husband is picking her up at the bus terminal - after a short conversation they get into the car and he is driving her to his wife who is living at the far edge of the town. The trip is long and Naomi is getting desperate to pee. The traffic is heavy and the speed bumps also don't help the overall situation...
Customer comments on this video:

Ironman250 [June 17, 2015]
This is the best video I have seen so far. Beautifully done. Naomi is the best! she is my favorite model out of all the models. :)

desplover [June 17, 2015]
Desplover: Naomi is one of the best Model, her desperation and crying is so true and real. A very good video ! !

ikarus0815 [June 18, 2015]
very good, one of the best, even the best I've seen! Very nice and authentic situation, good and genuie desperation!

lzoy02 [June 18, 2015]
May be the best video with the best model I have ever seen. We need more of this! Incredible.

Ironman250 [June 19, 2015]
I agree...Part 2 Bumpy Road?? ;)

BS123123 [June 19, 2015]
Yes! Naomi is awesome! She so natural in all that stuff she performs! Incredible video! Especially the moment of 'falling out' of the car!

Admin [June 25, 2015]
I have to confess Naomi is my personal favorite as well :-) And in this video she was extremely desperate and begging the driver to stop!

fitschi [July 07, 2015]
Yes Naomi, I love you. Great desperation scenes and great potholes and real crying. Keep it up!

TruFan3 [July 08, 2015]
More Naomi Please!!!

lolcat1987 [August 13, 2015]
One of the best desperation videos I've ever seen, not just on this site either! I'm totally convinced the wetting was genuine. More like this please!

siegala [August 30, 2015]
Simply great! Wonderful acting, most probably genuine desperation (very long pee at the end!!)

BS123123 [September 07, 2015]
For my many years seeing desperation video this one is really the best. Naomi is naturally born for the real life action videos. Thank you!

fischer666 [October 20, 2017]
I love this realistc scenes much more then the short "only peeing" scenes

___z___ [April 22, 2018]
more realistic scenes please! This is the best desperation video I've ever seen!

RichardOakgreat [October 10, 2022]
The BEST! That sweet blondie was ABOUT TO ESXPLODE. Her DESPERAION was EXTREME and she TRULY LOST CONTROL of her bladder with a NEVERENDING PISS!

Coming out
Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out Coming out

Naomi + Vanda - Coming out 88%

Date: December 04, 2015 Length: 08:42

Tags: wetting - desperation - lesbian - jeans

Models: Naomi + Vanda

Naomi and Vanda are lesbians - but Vanda's father doesn't know about it. Naomi stayed in Vanda's flat last night and now the girls woke up and Naomi is about to release her morning pee in the bathroom. Suddenly Vanda's father phones her and asks Vanda to open the front door because he just arrived for a surprise visit! Vanda hurries to the bathroom and tries to hide Naomi in the closet. Naomi fights with her bladder for some time but then loses the battle and pisses her jeans. Normally this wouldn't be a disaster but the puddle of pee leaks to the hall and Vanda's father can't overlook it when he walks past to put his shoes on...
Customer comments on this video:

tommmmi [December 05, 2015]
noami is so awesome, more piss vids with her tits out plz

GGHendrix [January 04, 2016]
Naomi is the best! hope to see a bedwetting video of her soon :)

nosemuscle [October 30, 2023]
One of Naomi's best!!!

Pissing scene
Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene Pissing scene

Naomi - Pissing scene 90%

Date: April 09, 2015 Length: 01:03

Tags: pissing

Models: Naomi

Customer comments on this video:

lordvetinari [August 20, 2017]
She's cute with a lovely bum.

Lzhr72zdq [May 20, 2018]
Nice stream. Beautiful girl. Very nice rear view. Thanks!

boddabing [July 29, 2023]
simply amazing - would not be an erotic piss without her delicate anus peaking out from her sensual buttocks

Stinging nettle
Stinging nettle Stinging nettle Stinging nettle Stinging nettle Stinging nettle Stinging nettle

Naomi - Stinging nettle 87%

Date: July 06, 2016 Length: 04:40

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - cleaning

Models: Naomi

Naomi is jogging in the park and just like any other jogger needs to relieve herself from time to time. She finds quite a nice spot without any people nearby and happily squats at the sidewalk to release a strong stream of pee. However, she overlooks some nettles which sting her lovely butt and jumps up to scratch herself and to move somewhere else. But it's too late to stop the stream...
Customer comments on this video:

mousecat [July 08, 2016]
This Girl is so sexy ! I love her :-), kisses on her wet ass ...

desperation [August 13, 2016]
what embarassing situation, this movie is so nice

carpetpiss [October 09, 2016]
careful my sweetheart, don't hurt yourself, just piss like a racehorse. excellent! :)

pantyhose [August 05, 2018]
that was the best laugh I've had for ages poor girl her bottom must be stinging like hell .love her xxx

Broken toilet door lock
Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock Broken toilet door lock

Naomi - Broken toilet door lock 84%

Date: December 15, 2014 Length: 04:26

Tags: wetting - pissing - desperation - shock - travelling

Models: Naomi

Naomi did some Christmas shopping with her boyfriend and now she's driving back home where her grandma is waiting for her. She has to stop at a gas station for a short pee break. As always the toilet door is locked and she has to borrow the key at the cash desk (this is common in our country - probably to prevent prostitution or other criminality). The situation is becoming urgent but she still manages to do a quick squat over the toilet and starts peeing. Unfortunately the door lock seems to be broken and another woman opens the door while Naomi is in the middle of really strong peeing. Watch this video to find out what happens.
Customer comments on this video:

slicksteer [February 15, 2016]
Now this one is hot I wish she pee more on her sslf

BloxXx [April 01, 2018]
Her butt is so hot, love it

Urineuranus [August 27, 2020]
want to see annie in an embarrassing situation, desperately pissing herself with her cute bare butt out just like this. ill subscribe every month! pls

YungAbe [November 02, 2022]
Love the scenario, This is my favorite Naomi video!